A Programme and Policy Framing Cell was established as a component of first On Farm Water Management Project during 1976-77. After the expiry of the development project, Planning & Evaluation Cell was created in 1981-82. Later on, the Monitoring & Evaluation Unit of “Punjab Agriculture Extension & Adaptive Research Project” financed by World Bank was merged in the main cell to monitor the project activities independently. Economic Study Cell of Director General Agriculture (Field) was also attached with the Cell during 1978-79.

Planning and Evaluation Cell was established in 1981-82 to deal with all technical matters regarding foreign funded projects. Since its inception this organization is making liaison with Donors, Provincial & Federal Governments for seeking technical and financial assistance.  P&E Cell is the sole organization in the department which coordinates/ facilitates the visits of the foreign missions offering financial/ technical assistance for the development of agriculture sector in Punjab.


Following are the objectives of P&E Cell:

  • Selection and identification of projects in the agriculture sector both in extension and field areas to be financed by internal and external resources after conducting necessary feasibility studies and population groups for removing disparities and causing overall agricultural development
  • Preparation of draft position reports for the consideration of aid giving agencies
  • Formulation of projects for aid giving agencies and take up with them all necessary steps in order to materialize the availability of loan for the implementation of the project
  • Assisting the different wings of agriculture department in formulation/ preparation of foreign aided projects
  • Project monitoring, evaluation and follow up of the approved projects (approved by PDWP)
  • Writing up of special evaluation reports for the projects which are behind the schedule
  • Maintenance of upto date and complete agricultural statistics
  • Providing guidelines based on sound data for proper policy decisions, planning and execution of various programs relating to agriculture development
  • Strengthening of the planning efforts in the agriculture sector through coordination and arranging training facilities of the personal engaged in planning work in the Cell
  • To formulate the development program on the basis priorities laid down by (Economic Study Cell) to develop different sectors of Agriculture Department
  • To undertake Bench Mark Survey and such studies which would be essential for the appraisal/ evaluation of the project
  • To employ local consultants in specific policy matters, project preparation/ feasibility reports