The department has made the following achievements:

  • Conducted 98 Monitoring & Evaluation studies and day to day monitoring of foreign aided projects such as World Bank, ADB, JBIC and others.
  • Prepared 81 PC-Is/proposals of different Agricultural Development projects for implementation.  
  • Completed 59 Economic Studies.
  • Monitored and Evaluated Farmers Training program of Agriculture Extension wing with respect to rice and wheat crop
  • Coordinated 28 foreign aided projects (World Bank-12, Asian Development Bank-8, JBIC-5 and others-3).
  • Monitored/inspected the watercourses improved under NDP.
  • Engagement of Legal Consultant for documentation of five R&D Companies and Management Consultant for the development of organizational structure/Organogram of five R&D Companies.
  • Developed and Monitored Integrated Pest Management Project.
  • Restructuring of five Research Institutes into Corporate Mode, which were denotified lateron
  • Made Agriculture Sector Programe Loan (ASPL-II) functional after establishment of Programme Managment Unit (PMU )
  • Re-activation/Revamping of Punjabd Agriculture Research Board (PARB)
  • About 60 monitoring reports of Fruit & Vegetable Development Project (Phase-I & Phase-II)
  • Conducted Impact Assessment Study of National Programme of Improveement of Water Courses & Laser Land Leveling of Water Management Wing
  • Conducted Impact Assessment of Bed Furrow in Cotton-Wheat & Rice-Wheat based farming systems
  • Co-ordinated and monitored ,"Community Development Project for Rehabilitation of Waterlogged and salt affected lands (Biosaline-II)"
  • Implemented the Project titled, "Small House Cum Garden Plots for Eradication of Poverty in Southern Punjab"